Burberry ankle booties

Burberry London Burlison Suede Open-Toe Ankle Boots


Sequin up in winters!

Sequins are generally worn in summers obviously, ‘coz no one wants to hide the beauty in layers. But actually, there’s no thumb rule that sequins are supposed to be worn only in summers. You can totally shine and sparkle up in sequins(just enough) if you’re wearing it the right way. A winter sunny day is just as appropriate as anything to flaunt your sparkly attires. A little of it will shine so bright! There are way too many ways to include a hint of bling in your dressing. You just have to keep one thing in mind, wear one sequinned piece at a time. Continue reading Sequin up in winters!

Top Fashion Products for Dec 13th, 2014

Shopping look

Shopping look

H M top
$55 – hm.com

Frame Denim blue jeans

Combat boots

ANS brown purse

Miu Miu belt

Ralph Lauren leather belt

10 Best body places to be considered for tattooing

Tattoos, something which many of us love to have on our bodies. It’s not just a thing which is painful and only some daring people can do. Tattooing is actually very expressive and is truly a beautiful art which represents one’s behavior. Yes, they tend to speak a lot ’bout you.

Place that you choose to get tattooed also is another representative of your character. .There are so many places on our body where we can get inked. You must always make sure that your tattoo must not bother you after a couple of days. Naturally, if your inked flesh will flaunt itself in front of your eyes ,then you’ll definitely curse the day u got it there. Tattoos should be made on discreet places of your body where you can show off and hide , depending on the place or situation. After all, nobody really wants to flaunt a tattoo on a job interview or a strict job! So, Below are some best body places for tattooing! Continue reading 10 Best body places to be considered for tattooing

The women Desire!

A women feels the best internally n out when she dresses her best, to look the best. The desire for beautiful clothes can never diminish. Beautiful shoes, outfits, accessories, bags, and the list continues. Here are some of the things that every women desire to have in their wardrobe.

The Slouchy Distressed Jeans Continue reading The women Desire!

Style Haul!

Have you ever wondered what style can always make you look trendy and in fashion even when you had nothing decided in your head and nor did you have time to decide? We often spend a lot of time sitting in front of our wardrobe scratching our head to come up with a new idea. But sometimes, “time” don’t give us the time that we could think for an idea and because of our “race against time” we end up in an outfit which can never go wrong. which is a saver! and bamm! we are in style. again!

Continue reading Style Haul!