5 best buys with duo action!

Is your foundation a compact too? Does it perform double duties or you have to carry a bag full of products wherever u go? well, here are the 5 best products that not only saves your cash but also reduces the bulkyness of your bag! Continue reading 5 best buys with duo action!


Did you go Metallic?

Metallic is not just for the fashion brave. If you haven’t styled yourself in metallic up till now then you should know that you have kept yourself away from the shine, glamour and the standout style.! The best places where you can totally pull out this fashion are the wedding receptions, cocktail parties or any such party where an oomph factor is needed in your style. Only one thing that has to be kept in mind is that your make up should be neutral and not very loud. This fashion doesn’t allow you for that.! Continue reading Did you go Metallic?

A-line Midi Skirt – Perfect for every woman!

Midi skirt has found it’s way back into fashion and now a fashion loving girl’s wardrobe is not left without one, once again! This is perfect for every woman as this can never go wrong at work or at any formal outing or even a casual get together. This versatile staple can be worn in different styles and can absolutely be worn in not just summers but in winters too. Also, no matter what  body shape you have, because this is an A-line skirt, this looks perfect on every body shape. Pairing it with a pair of beautiful pumps is always a yes yes. But pairing it with ankle boots is even more stylish. 


Sequin up in winters!

Sequins are generally worn in summers obviously, ‘coz no one wants to hide the beauty in layers. But actually, there’s no thumb rule that sequins are supposed to be worn only in summers. You can totally shine and sparkle up in sequins(just enough) if you’re wearing it the right way. A winter sunny day is just as appropriate as anything to flaunt your sparkly attires. A little of it will shine so bright! There are way too many ways to include a hint of bling in your dressing. You just have to keep one thing in mind, wear one sequinned piece at a time. Continue reading Sequin up in winters!

Types of Ear cuffs- A hot trend

Ear cuff is an IT accessory for your ear! These beautiful ornate staple are a fixture on the fashion catwalks, and always manage to take their place on the red carpet as well. These chunky, bejeweled cuffs that encircle your ears are just perfect to add an unexpected element to your look. They come in a variety of styles and designs to go bold over. You need to keep your makeup and other accessories to a minimum level when sporting this. You add a dash of class and elegance to you look the moment you’re up with it. Continue reading Types of Ear cuffs- A hot trend

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