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ALEXIS BITTAR Blueberry Marquis Drop Earring

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So what if it’s winters!


Floral is generally considered most appropriate and wearable print for summers and spring. But the fact is very true that it is as playful and peppy to wear in winters as well. Yes. And don’t be too quick to keep all your much-loved summer floral pieces to rest in bed. You’re gonna be needing ’em! They offer a fun statement to you looks and also can be accented to many different styles and ways.This season, the focus is on tights and tops.

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Season’s trending wedding outfits

It’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything Indian. Probably because of the season. But my love for Indian wear is constant, eternal and unmatched for. So, Wedding season has arrived and we can see several weddings happening each day. Even if we don’t, then we get to know them the next morning! (This next morning thing is only for those who read newspapers) .I truly love n enjoy my family weddings.. “just my family weddings“. We get to meet family n friends and most importantly, we get to dress up differently. Beautiful dresses, lovely colours , looking ravishing and smashingly beautiful is our only main thing. Continue reading Season’s trending wedding outfits

5 Hot bottoms which you need to be in style

You might have got tired of donning that little black dress for that “lucky leggy lass” look. And why won’t you? We all want change. Legs are a girl’s best thing they wanna flaunt. Whether we wear a jeans or a skirt or shorts or a churidaar pajami with a kurti. Legs are always noticed. But there are some days when we have to wear pants. And to be frank, I have seen some good looking girls wearing plain bottom wear!

There are many kinds of bottom wears in the market which are very trendy and which come in a variety of fabrics, wild and flamboyant prints, silhouettes and colors. These have the potential to make you flaunt your legs in style even that now you are wearing bottoms. Continue reading 5 Hot bottoms which you need to be in style

Shopping look

Shopping look

H M top
$55 –

Frame Denim blue jeans

Combat boots

ANS brown purse

Miu Miu belt

Ralph Lauren leather belt

Best ways to go Neon

There are many colors that come in neon. But the most used are Neon green, orange, pink, yellow and blue. We absolutely love to play with neon. I just love how they actually accentuate the look the moment we wear them. But there is a way to wear neon. As it is a very bright colour we should know how to minimize the excess effect. We obviously don’t want that a person who’s trying to talk to us, is looking somewhere around us, but not at us! If you know what i mean.. Yes, it has the potential to make that happen.

I can say this because I saw some people all dressed in neon and we could hardly see them because there was this neon light everywhere! So, I thought of posting some Ways to wear neon. I know m doing a good job.. thank me later! 😀 Continue reading Best ways to go Neon

The Orangy Orange!

Orange has always been in fashion. It’s mostly seen that a girl who wishes to go for a chic look, quite often opts for Orange color.Not the whole of your dressing should be Orange but a mix of it with some other not-so-loud color always goes a long way. It is a bright colour and its effect should be minimalised by some sober shades Like off-white. There are plenty of things to talk about when it comes to orange but one thing is for sure..that you’ll turn heads!

Ok, so how about a long flared beautiful skirt in orange absolutely appropriate for a red carpet look!

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Orange flare long skirt-

Printed J Brand Denims


If you want a casual cool chic look for a casual get together then these printed J brand denims will surely give you the desired look. These come in various mind blowing prints which will leave you in a confused state and you will end up investing in more than one.


By just Wearing a simple T shirt, and pumps or whatever heels you are comfortable with, A statement necklace you can achieve a phenomenal look which everyone will praise. You can even wear a blazer or coat which will only enhance the look and take it to a different level.!