The Hot New!

Oh! and after so many days there is this style which is back in trend. Our Bollywood divas are seen rocking this new look in their promotional events n other events. And m sure, in coming days we’ll see more of them in this emerging trend. Continue reading The Hot New!


10 Bags that every girl should possess

Tell me if m wrong in sayin’ that we all want a bag that matches with every outfit that we put on. It happens most of the time with me. I decide my clothes n get everything ready but then all my excitement comes to an end when neither of my bags go with the outfit. Like, not a single one! And it’s quite obvious that a bag that is designed to give u a funky look cannot give u a chic look.! There is hell lot of a difference between those two looks!   manh! nobody gets my point.. I just want more!


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Style Haul!

Have you ever wondered what style can always make you look trendy and in fashion even when you had nothing decided in your head and nor did you have time to decide? We often spend a lot of time sitting in front of our wardrobe scratching our head to come up with a new idea. But sometimes, “time” don’t give us the time that we could think for an idea and because of our “race against time” we end up in an outfit which can never go wrong. which is a saver! and bamm! we are in style. again!

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Diwali Hairstyles

Hello People!

How you are doin’ ? Are you ready for Diwali? M sure you are.  But have you decided what’ll be your hairstyle tomorrow! No? Don’t worry, I have the solution for your problem.

We often spend a lot of time to decide the right outfit for us. We get so much into it that we often forget to think about the hairdo that has the same importance as the outfit. Like suppose you are wearing a very normal dress but you did something beautiful to you hairstyle.. What will happen? Your normal dress is now no more to be seen as normal! They see your mesmerizing personality! On the other side, where you have worn a beautiful dress and A simple hairdo, your dress will lose its charm, and you will not rock that much as you would have, with a stylish hairstyle!

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Glam up this Diwali.!

Its Diwali time! so excited.. why? because there is so much to do! gifts, shopping, decorations, lighting, happiness, and last but not the least.. dressing! yes, dressing up on Diwali is the most exciting thing that we do.. But the question is, What are we wearing? you can wear anything you like! but  if u want to be trendy this Diwali then you will have to take some time out for shopping!

yes, fashion keeps on changing and updating. Trend that was so loved an year back is now outdated! I am talking about Anarkalis..  this season they are a no no! but some of you might love to wear Anarkalis as you might look the best in them then I suggest you to pick bright colours.

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