5 best buys with duo action!

Is your foundation a compact too? Does it perform double duties or you have to carry a bag full of products wherever u go? well, here are the 5 best products that not only saves your cash but also reduces the bulkyness of your bag!

There are reasons why you should choose a compact-cum-foundation. Because it’s a one step application,  you don’t simply need to apply layers of concealer, foundation and compact. Plus it hydrates your skin ,stays for a longer time and eliminates patches. Also, if you have to attend a party right after work, applying foundation-cum-compact will give you the desired glow and will save your time from all that face layering for which you might feel like going to a parlour or so! Afterall, who has the time for all that stuff?

Autograph Smooth Matte Mousse Foundation, (M&S)


Long Wear Compact Foundation (Bobbi Brown)


Double Wear Stay-in-Place powder with SPF (Estee Lauder)


Za True White Two Way Foundation by Mrinalini Chandra


Anti-Blemish Solution Powder (Clinique)



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