Sequin up in winters!

Sequins are generally worn in summers obviously, ‘coz no one wants to hide the beauty in layers. But actually, there’s no thumb rule that sequins are supposed to be worn only in summers. You can totally shine and sparkle up in sequins(just enough) if you’re wearing it the right way. A winter sunny day is just as appropriate as anything to flaunt your sparkly attires. A little of it will shine so bright! There are way too many ways to include a hint of bling in your dressing. You just have to keep one thing in mind, wear one sequinned piece at a time.

Check out some wardrobe staples that look best with sequins!

Sweaters : Sweaters come in vibrant colours and styles and designs. Why not try a sequinned sweater for a blingy yet stylish look.?


Scarves: Scarves have the tendency to give life to any look. Having sequins on your scarf can actually level up your look and make you look more fresh. Be it a woollen scarf or a normal one, sequins will do their job for you.!

img-thing (2)  6a00d834516d3769e200e55055963d8833-640wi

Jeans: Chuck your regular plain denims and get out of you home with a shine on your jeans someday. Trust me, you’ll feel like a girl who inspires everyone.


Footwear: Everyone has their eyes rolling on others footwear. Well, I always have! So, you should try some sequinned footwear but remember that you are not wearing any more sequins on you ‘coz that might overdo your efforts.


Earrings: Earrings can never go wrong. Just make sure they are big enough to be seen through your long locks. You can even carry a sequinned clutch with earrings for a more defined look.

RhinestoneHoopSequinCircleGoldChandelierEarrings0437490std        il_340x270.592686601_lbst

Bows & Clips: Style you hair with beautiful glittery and sparkly clips and bands. A hair bow looks as elegant and girly as anything.

il_340x270.581882939_1yuj        IMG_3630-e1363969679655

Nail paint: Sequin up your nails with a glittery nail enamel and you are good to go.


Collars: Collars are a must have in every wardrobe. These enable you to style yourself in different looks in summers as well as in winters . Wearing a sequinned collar over a plain sweater or a jacket can do wonders.


Clutch:  Aha! there’s nothing much to explain when it comes to a clutch. Your look with a boyfriend jeans, jacket and a clutch will speak for itself.

details, boyfriend jeans, sequin clutch, brown leather belt



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