10 Best body places to be considered for tattooing

Tattoos, something which many of us love to have on our bodies. It’s not just a thing which is painful and only some daring people can do. Tattooing is actually very expressive and is truly a beautiful art which represents one’s behavior. Yes, they tend to speak a lot ’bout you.

Place that you choose to get tattooed also is another representative of your character. .There are so many places on our body where we can get inked. You must always make sure that your tattoo must not bother you after a couple of days. Naturally, if your inked flesh will flaunt itself in front of your eyes ,then you’ll definitely curse the day u got it there. Tattoos should be made on discreet places of your body where you can show off and hide , depending on the place or situation. After all, nobody really wants to flaunt a tattoo on a job interview or a strict job! So, Below are some best body places for tattooing!

Inner Wrist: This is the most common place to get inked and can be easily hidden by a watch, bracelet or by wearing sleeves.


On the ear: This is a place which is not easily recognized by people.


Behind the ear: Its a small place to get inked but certainly the best one! Easily can be hidden simply by your hair.


Inner Arm: Choose your left arm ‘coz you don’t shake hands from your left hand.. But then at certain places you’ll have to wear sleeves according to your tattoo size Which you do wear anyways!


Inner bicep: The most discreet place on the body. Unless you wave your hand properly, no one will be able to spot your tattoo easily.


Ankle: I don’t know why, but it looks great! Also, can be hidden under your pants or socks .


Nape of the neck: You tie a bun and everybody can see your tattoo except you.You won’t get bothered by that even after so many years..Wanna hide? Open your locks and It’s gone!


Back of the shoulder: If you wanna get ‘flying birds’ tattoo and you don’t know what can be the best place for it.. Then this is your answer. After all, birds need a large space to fly! Word tattoos also look gorgeous there..


A Finger: Not on the top but at the sides .. ‘coz it should not always come in your sight.. Motive is to let people see but still, until you move your fingers apart or shove them in front of someone’s face, they won’t be seen. And also, one finger is enough!


Side of palm: This is not that discreet place.. Yes, this too can be hidden if you wear a really long sleeve but to be honest, It’s a bit difficult. The only reason that I have included this is because it is very trendy and stylish to have a tattoo there. People who do not have any problem of hiding there tattoos must opt for this.


There many other places on our body which can be used for tattooing like the spine, ribs, belly button, lower back, etc which are actually very appealing. Notice, i said “appealing” not “cool” !. I’ll always choose a cool tattoo over an appealing one. But That’s about me. You can go ahead if you like. Appealing one’s get wrapped under you clothes and if you wanna show them, then we all know what kind of clothes you gotta wear. Never a full peace of cloth..It will always have a cut or a slit or if not these then cropped. ‘coz you have invested money and which should not be wasted right? 😀
If you opt for places that are mentioned above then you’ll always manage to show people that you’re a tattoo girl.


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