Style Haul!

Have you ever wondered what style can always make you look trendy and in fashion even when you had nothing decided in your head and nor did you have time to decide? We often spend a lot of time sitting in front of our wardrobe scratching our head to come up with a new idea. But sometimes, “time” don’t give us the time that we could think for an idea and because of our “race against time” we end up in an outfit which can never go wrong. which is a saver! and bamm! we are in style. again!

There’s one more thing which literally can never go wrong. A Trench Coat. images

You won’t rock a trench coat but a trench coat will rock you! no m not joking ! that’s true! This winter invest in a trench coat for your wardrobe and there won’t be a day in whole of the season that you’ll fail to be in style. there are many ways to style yourself with it. obviously, a shirt with a good pair of jeans teamed up with beautiful pumps. I prefer black. sleek and gorgeous. notice how many words i have used to describe pumps. i just can’t help my love for shoes! 😀 so.. complete the look with putting a trench coat over. sleek pony tail and sunglasses with a statement bag. and the look will shout for itself.

Again, team up with a dress or a tunic. it’ll be good if you keep the coat’s length the same as the length of your dress. team up with boots! knee length will work the best and the again if not boots then black pumps are always there in rescue. 95015_in_dlWith sleek pants or a low insurance trousers.. oh there are way too many looks that can be styled with a trench coat! and yes, the length will matter for sure. mid-length to one inch above the ground for trousers,pants and jeans. and for dresses it varies. but you can wear mid-length also.

you can perfectly rock an office look or a lunch with friends. Casual look or formal look… you can be a street chic with this piece of outfit. you will mesmerize everyone. they will get bold over your look. And that’s what we girls want right?

So, don’t you now know how to be the “who’s that chic” girl?



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