COLOR BLOCKING – The winter color trend

There used to be a time when wearing colors in winters was something that people usually disadmired. For winters, Black, Grey,brown, Purple etc colors were considered more suitable. But now, Things have changed ‘coz fashion has surpassed itself.  Continue reading COLOR BLOCKING – The winter color trend


13 Must have shoes for holidays!

It’s holiday season.. Keep aside your busy schedule and make some plans to rejuvenate yourself! You know that’s important too..This is the best time of the season to enjoy the weather and go gaga with your shopping. We all know that shoes are a girl’s best friends. And it is rightly said “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will rule the world”. No girl can ever say “I have enough shoes” as they are always less.. Continue reading 13 Must have shoes for holidays!

So? Are you ready for this fall

It’s the beginning of fall n m lovin’ it!.. but have you updated your wardrobe? Do you have things that are essential for fall? It’s personally my favorite season .. ‘coz at this time we don’t really have to go through two reactions.. “omg! i’ll die freezing! ” and “omg! i’ll die sweating” . Seriously.. One can easily style oneself with some of the needed, or we can say “must have things” for fall.. Things should just give you the needed warmth n that’s it.! Here you’ll find some fall wardrobe essentials that are gonna make u feel cozy yet stylish!   Continue reading So? Are you ready for this fall