10 best ways to style a Plaid shirt

Plaid shirts or a Flannel will remind you of the 90’s or the woodcutters but it’s a classic as well as a trend which can give you a style statement that you’ve always wanted.It generally looks best in the fall or winter season but I can style myself with it in any season and can wear it the whole year. It is an extremely versatile staple with which you can achieve different styles. From chic to rough any look is possible with just one plaid shirt. Below are some of the best ways to style yourself with it.. 

Around your Waist: No matter what you’re wearing, a jeans or a skirt/shorts or a dress, you just have to tie a plaid shirt around your waist to give it a funky and a cool look. 


With JeansJeans ,whether it’s a skinny jeans or a flared jeans, your shirt will in any case manage to give you a chic look. Tuck your shirt in or let it out with boots or pumps. It’s a shirt , it’ll rock anyway!

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With Leggings: Pairing a long shirt that covers your hip just enough or below the hip level will give this look a perfect definition. Again, pair it with boots or uggs or pumps/ flats.

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 With a Vest/ Cardigan/ Leather Jacket: A Faux fur vest , a leather jacket, which in itself is a rocking staple or a Cardigan over your plaid shirt. These are just the best things you need to prevent yourself from the cold breeze yet being fashionable.

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Over a Dress or a Skirt : Put a plaid shirt over a dress( short or a maxi dress). Wear a belt for a style quotient or leave it loose. For the skirt, whether your skirt is a pencil skirt or a long skirt or a knee lengthed , just tuck it in your skirt.. And you’ll see!

images (2)  a59e5facf0410be3506e569a6c5d0a3d

With Shorts: Shorts with a plaid shirt are just perfect for a sexy look. Combat boots or normal boots with you cute shorts will enable you to turn heads. You can even tie a knot in front with the two flaps of your shirt for a rusty look.


All Unbuttoned : Put on your plaid shirt over your T shirt and jeans and leave it unbuttoned. let the two flaps of your shirt fly on your sides and you just walk with a carefree look. 


With a Sweater: Wear a turtle neck sweater on top of your shirt so that just the parts of the shirt peeps out. A turtleneck sweater enables you to let the collars, folded cuffs and the lower part of your shirt to be visible, hiding the rest at the same time. So stylish..Isn’t it!


As a Base : Use you plaid shirt as a base or a second layer .


With a different pattern: Who says that the two patterns (plaid and stripes)cannot go at the same time? Try mixing the two patterns and you’ll end up creating a trend for the people around you. It’s absolutely stylish and a “dare to do” style. 



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