5 Best winter lipstick shades

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If you think pink is a color for summer, then you need to know that it is just perfect for winters. This season, many celebrities have been spotted wearing this uber pretty bright pink. Also, it’s a great way to dazzle in a grey or a black outfit.

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This is the perfect time of the season to wear this lip color. Heavy lips won’t look even a bit of tacky. Just remember to put on some blush or a bronzer to minimize that white face effect and you’ll shine in the crowd.

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A ‘No makeup look’ is IN right now. A nude makeup looks classy no matter what. And at this time of the season, smokey eyes with a nude lipstick (according to your skin tone) will make you a winner on the streets.

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Who doesn’t love orange? This beautiful color has something electric in it that catches everyone’s attention instantly. It was always in trend but this season, use it more to make things bold and sexier than ever. The best way is to team it with off white, cream or pastel colored clothes. 


This season has something to do with rich plum and cranberry shades. Try these lipsticks for velvety berry effect. I am always looking for a berry blast effect in lipsticks and m glad I found this. 


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