COLOR BLOCKING – The winter color trend

There used to be a time when wearing colors in winters was something that people usually disadmired. For winters, Black, Grey,brown, Purple etc colors were considered more suitable. But now, Things have changed ‘coz fashion has surpassed itself. 

People now are way more interested in colorful clothes and different patterns. To be in trend, they prefer being suave and colorful. The most amazing and exciting winter color trend is the “Color Blocking”. Like, not just one color but more than 2 colors at a time! Isn’t that amazing? I am seriously loving the trend. Color blocking is very expressive in its own way and looks outstanding when done in a right way. There are some rules which should be kept in mind..

Not more than three colors should be used. 



Three colors are more than enough. You’ll totally agree with the fact that more than three colors will make you look like you have overdone yourself. Or we can simply say that it’ll be quite hard to figure out which one is a clown’s dress and which one is yours. Also,more colors will grab all the people’s attention and people while talking to you might get distracted by your colors.

Always wear neutral colors where you don’t want attention



As I’ve said earlier also, it’s too much for the eyes. Wear neutral colors on the parts of your body where you don’t want anyone’s attention more and wear brighter ones where you actually want their attention. If you wanna go with some accessories and bright shoes or bag, then keep your clothes neutral and color quite!

Don’t be too prosaic



Don’t wear a color more than it should be worn even if it’s your favorite color or you feel overwhelming in it.. More of one color can make your look very dull and boring. The right kind of color blocking have all the colors blocking each other but still have equal space. Neither less-Nor more. You should not wear pink shirt with pink pants or colors from the same family like pink-red as they won’t block each other but merge. Rather, you should go for white pants or white shirt or a totally different color like blue or green!


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