So what if it’s winters!


Floral is generally considered most appropriate and wearable print for summers and spring. But the fact is very true that it is as playful and peppy to wear in winters as well. Yes. And don’t be too quick to keep all your much-loved summer floral pieces to rest in bed. You’re gonna be needing ’em! They offer a fun statement to you looks and also can be accented to many different styles and ways.This season, the focus is on tights and tops.

Things that you should keep in mind: 

  • Use dark colored floral prints like brown, purple or black. These colors give you warmth as they absorb      more heat.
  • Do not dress up in a floral print from head to toe. Or else you’ll end up looking like a garden and you          might experience chirping birds on your head.
  • If you are wearing floral tights, team it up with plain top or sweatshirt. And if you choose a dress, opt for      a neutral color for your boots,hat,scarf or bag.
  • Just don’t overdo it.

So what if it’s winters!! Our love for florals can never fade or diminish and so apparently we’ll find a way to be dressed in it right? Here are a few  fabulous floral pieces with which you’ll be staying right on trend this winters..



No need to be subtle for a statement winter floral look. A floral print jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan will freshen up you style as they are a cool take on a girlie look. Pair this bold flower-motif knit with a perfect pair of jeans and stylish pumps and you’ll achieve the desired and effortless chic look.



What’s the perfect wrap to floral? It’s the Tartan! With boots and a leather jacket, you can keep the look to the right side of prom queen.

Floral leggings: 


Floral leggings can be worn under a neutral colored dress for a cute winter look and are a must have for the season.

Floral slip-on sneakers:

images (2)

Wear these under the dress look or a long shirt and legging look. They work their best.

Floral dress:


Definitely a must buy! Look for the above picture to know a more better way to wear this.


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