Season’s trending wedding outfits

It’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything Indian. Probably because of the season. But my love for Indian wear is constant, eternal and unmatched for. So, Wedding season has arrived and we can see several weddings happening each day. Even if we don’t, then we get to know them the next morning! (This next morning thing is only for those who read newspapers) .I truly love n enjoy my family weddings.. “just my family weddings“. We get to meet family n friends and most importantly, we get to dress up differently. Beautiful dresses, lovely colours , looking ravishing and smashingly beautiful is our only main thing.

Indian Outfits are considered for the most colorful and vibrant in the whole world. So, what colour is our outfit going to be of? What print or work are you gonna choose? This, is the only big question for us. Because there are so many of them to choose from! From contemporary to classics whatever you’ll decide, apparently has to be trendy and something that’ll make you look stunning.Whether you are a blushing sister, doting sister-in-law or a bridesmaid. Here’s some stylish dressing ideas that’ll promise you to make you stand out of the crowd.

Below are some hot trends that are right from ICW, LFW, IBFW. These are just what was needed by all of us.

Mirror work 



Printed Lehengas

Trend-2-Printed-lehengas-2_2 Trend-2-Print-12


Trend-3-Floral-2_2 Trend-3-Floral-1_2




Trend-5-Monochrome-1_2  Trend-5-Monochrome-2_2

Anti-freeze blouses

Trend-6-Anti-freeze-blouse-2_2 Trend-6-Anti-freeze-blouse-1_2

I am so much excited to don these in coming weddings. Are you?


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