Best ways to go Neon

There are many colors that come in neon. But the most used are Neon green, orange, pink, yellow and blue. We absolutely love to play with neon. I just love how they actually accentuate the look the moment we wear them. But there is a way to wear neon. As it is a very bright colour we should know how to minimize the excess effect. We obviously don’t want that a person who’s trying to talk to us, is looking somewhere around us, but not at us! If you know what i mean.. Yes, it has the potential to make that happen.

I can say this because I saw some people all dressed in neon and we could hardly see them because there was this neon light everywhere! So, I thought of posting some Ways to wear neon. I know m doing a good job.. thank me later! 😀

Accessorise: Let neon give a hint of itself on you. With your dress, either wear a neon footwear or take a bag or a neck-piece or bangles. This is a very cool way go neon!

images (2) neon-yellow-sandals images (3) images (6)

Neutralize: Let it get neutralized by some other sober or neutral colour like white or beige. This will actually give your outfit a pop of colour which will be very soothing.

vf8ahl-i neon4


Nailing: Apply neon on your nails. It can never go unnoticed. If your clothes or bag or footwear do not have neon, then certainly this is the best way to add neon to your look.

images (4) IMG_6247

Contrasting: Wear neon in contrast with some other colour. Black looks great with neon but remember, you must not wear black with neon in a highly formal place ‘coz that would look very dated. You can also wear a whole black outfit with neon bag and footwear. Oh! You’ll kill it.

o-neon-yellow-contrast-mesh-skater-dress-22250 neon_fashion_tips


Beautifying: Try neon colors for your makeup. Highlight one feature at a time. Sometimes go for your lips and sometimes for eyes. Neon pink or neon orange can be applied on your lips for a bold look.

download tumblr_mc02r33iXC1qfp5jso1_500



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