Collar necklaces- Fall essentials

As far as i know .. Collar necklaces is something which if you do not own, then you should own! Sometimes it gets very boring with all those not so happening n dull grey-black-brown clothes.. simple sweaters, plain warm T Shirts etc. that it gets necessary to do something different to look happening and somewhat blingy n stylish and to pep-up your look! There are so many kinds of collar necklaces. Different shapes n sizes, designs, works… Beady to lacy to metallic to frilly n much more. These have the tendency to increase the level of any look and make you look smashingly bold n different by many in the crowd. How are these able to do this? Well.. these only know! but one thing is guaranteed.. Your simple shirt, T shirt, blouse, top, dress or any other outfit will get converted into something you didn’t even imagine they would ever.. I say “Every girl should own some of these”. Below are some of my favorites.. I am sure You’ll get some for you as well..:)

Sequin collar necklace:

Pearl-Collar-Necklace-2img-thingimages (1)

Beaded collar necklaces:  


Beaded-Lacy collar necklace:



Lacy collar necklace: 



Embellished collar necklace:



Beaded-Frilly collar necklace:


Metallic collar necklace:


Gold-chain collar necklace:

Gold Chain Collar Necklaceimages

Denim-Leather collar necklace:



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