So? Are you ready for this fall

It’s the beginning of fall n m lovin’ it!.. but have you updated your wardrobe? Do you have things that are essential for fall? It’s personally my favorite season .. ‘coz at this time we don’t really have to go through two reactions.. “omg! i’ll die freezing! ” and “omg! i’ll die sweating” . Seriously.. One can easily style oneself with some of the needed, or we can say “must have things” for fall.. Things should just give you the needed warmth n that’s it.! Here you’ll find some fall wardrobe essentials that are gonna make u feel cozy yet stylish!  

Scarf- ok, a scarf can easily “level up” your look ,the moment you put it on. Wearing a jacket? a cardigan? any dress? and still something missing? Then you might just wanna try a scarf .. 😉 But remember to keep a clean hairdo. A bun or a pony tail..!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Cardigan- A cardigan is very light weight and you can easily style a chic look by this. If you wear a dress or a skirt (any length) then in that case, wear a cardigan, pull over ur sleeves a li’l , wear some bracelets, boots and there you are! so elegant!

img-thingknitted Sweater- You may not have anything else.. but you should have a knitted sweater.. It fits any body type and still manages to give grace to your look! Team it up with skinnies, wear your  boots or uggs and you are good to go! Sweater can also be worn over a dress or a skirt as you can see here.



Blazer-There are some blazers which are not able to give that edgy look. Look for a blazer that has a shape or a curve of itself. You’ll find yourself more attractive with these…

images (2)

 Transparent tights– If u’re Wearing a dress or even shorts, then these will give u the needed warmth, yet keeping you stylish.


Denim tuxedo coat blazer jacket- Uuh! yup! this is everything.. This absolutely is fit for this season. The shape , the cuts, long thin sleeves n everything is just gorgeous! This particular stuff doesn’t have much space to stuff inners and hence, not fit for cold winters. But for me.. grab one!

denim tuxedo coat blazer jacketh

Beanies- These have the tendency to make you look very cute. And yes, you can easily rock a bad hair day and nobody gets to know! 😀

images (1)


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