Simple ways to style a white Tshirt

A white T shirt is so common that we all have it in our wardrobe. But just if you don’t know, this simple plain white T shirt can to wonders when paired up in different ways and styles! This is a must have thing for any girl. You can easily rock 5-10 days with this, without repeating a look. Yes your accessories can be repeated, depending on you, but not your clothing pair ups. There are many sites if you’ll search, that’ll show you 20 or 30 ways to wear a white T shirt..Like,30 ways? Seriously? Fine, if they mean that changing your earings or bags over the same clothes makes you look different.. then m sorry.. for me..that’s not at all a new look.. Guys think ! if you just change your bag or a neck-piece over your previous look and try to look different with that the next day.. will u be able to? Obviously people will definitely recognize your repetition..So m gonna show you some genuine ways to look different with a simple white T shirt..  so shall we start? 

With a Jeans: Fold your jeans at the bottom or don’t. you’ll rock anyway.. one day you can fold your jeans  and the second day you can wear a blazer without folding the jeans. both looks are really different. one is funky and the other is chic.!

white-T-shirt-6 n


With a Long skirt: Pair your T shirt with a long skirt. keep the colors very vibrant n smooth, pastel colors will do good.  look

With short skirt: Short skirts make you look very attractive .Just look at these..



With Shorts: Every girl has a pair of shorts. Pair them with the T shirt and a blazer over it so that you do absolute justice with the T shirt and the look. This look is quite girly and peppy.


With Palazzos: Paring up with a palazzo pants effortlessly gives you the desired look. If you want a go-to look then this is an appropriate one.

ArtSymphony_The White Tee (3)f

With Colored Pants: Pairing with colored pants. colors like blue, peach, Green with pumps will actually give your look an extra oomph! pants

TIP- Tuck in a small part of your T shirt from the front and leave the rest untucked . That’s The Style! 

With Statement pants: Statement pants are very attractive and has a sense of fashion appeal in them. so, go for it..!!

white-T-shirt-6 - Copyj

With Straight cut bottoms: Wanna go for street style look.? Then this look certainly has the potential for it. No need to spend too much time on this. Just try and u’ll know!.


With leather Jacket: Leather jackets are one thing that can never go out of trend. You wear a leather jacket, You are fabulously stylish.!


With a Scarf: A scarf is a kinda clothing accessory that is able to give you that fashionable look. wearing a scarf with a jacket is the best combination. Other than jeans, a skirt, boots and that Scarf-Jacket combination can make you ” the girl”..




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