Diwali Hairstyles

Hello People!

How you are doin’ ? Are you ready for Diwali? M sure you are.  But have you decided what’ll be your hairstyle tomorrow! No? Don’t worry, I have the solution for your problem.

We often spend a lot of time to decide the right outfit for us. We get so much into it that we often forget to think about the hairdo that has the same importance as the outfit. Like suppose you are wearing a very normal dress but you did something beautiful to you hairstyle.. What will happen? Your normal dress is now no more to be seen as normal! They see your mesmerizing personality! On the other side, where you have worn a beautiful dress and A simple hairdo, your dress will lose its charm, and you will not rock that much as you would have, with a stylish hairstyle!

Today I’ll be giving you some of the ideas which I think have the potential to rock any form of attire. Be it Traditional or Western or Indo-western.

Curly Locks: There are plenty of hair updo’s that we can style with curls. We can never fail with this particular idea. Any outfit, be it traditional or western. Nothing can go wrong with this hairstyle. This is bubbly yet classy.

images (5)

Elegant Bun: This Elegant bun can be teamed up with neck hugging jewelry. It does’t have to be very broad neck-piece. this hairdo will add elegance and style to your look . A saree or a suit everything will go. Smokey eyes will add more glamorous look to your style.


Twisted Side Braid: This is an effortless and a super pretty hairdo. You only need some Elastic bands to start with it. This is absolutely stunning and rocks any form of outfit. This helps you to don the Indo-Western look.

download (1)

Straight hair-Half Up: So, girls will long hair can sport this look really well. This is a gorgeous hairstyle and can effortlessly transform anyone into a Style Diva! I personally love this hairdo and I mostly do this with my hair. Just add some Hair accessories at the back where you pin up. And there you go with a flawless look!Balenciaga-Spring-2013-Hairstyles

Go ahead and style one of these looks this Diwali and rock the Festival. Be a style Diva And a style queen for your people. And most importantly, BE HAPPY!!



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